Artificial Intelligence that works

Since 2009 we have developed a strong A.I. competence center to design and deliver effective customer experiences through automatic channels. This involves process design, UI design, multi language NLP engine training, system integration, software engineering, hybrid operations.

Multilingual NLP Engine

Our set of solutions is based on an artificial intelligence advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) multilingual engine specialized in message recognition, which has been adopted to support several processes, such as communication, customer acquisition, customer retention, customer care, customer experience monitoring.


Our digital customer care platform based on a proprietary semantic engine, which enables customers to interact with companies in natural language through their favorite channels: text, app , instant messaging or e-mail.


EVA Virtual Assistant

Our EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant) for mobile app and desktop, combining natural language recognition with an intelligence search engine so as to assist customers in 100% of issues.

Interactions Conversational IVR

We are strategic partners of Interactions LLC, a world’s leading company on conversational customer care solutions.

Interactions’ “Conversational IVR” joins artificial intelligence with human support (human aided technology) to enhance speech comprehension capability and offer a smooth conversational experience.